Executive Council


Larry Hubich - Email Me 


Lori Johb (SEIU) - Email Me 

Recording Secretary

Jennifer Demchuk - Email Me


Johanne Brassard (USFA) - Email Me

Bob Bymoen (SGEU) - Email Me

Barb Cape (SEIU-West) - Email Me

Jan Cibart (Sol. & Pride) - Email Me

Denise Dick (SUN) - Email Me

Tom Graham (CUPE) - Email Me

Glen Green (Under 1000 - IATSE) - Email Me

Paul Guillet (RWDSU) - Email Me

Judy Henley (CUPE) - Email Me

Carolyn Illerbrun (GSU) - Email Me

Nancy Johnson (PSAC) - Email Me

Aaron Laughlin (Const) - Email Me

Curtis Lizee (IBEW) - Email Me

Norm Neault (UFCW) - Email Me

Josh Needham (Unifor) - Email Me

Beryl Nelson (Unifor) - Email me

Kim Nordmarken (SGEU) - Email Me

Janice Platzke (SEIU-West) - Email Me

Adrian Prybylski (Young Workers) - Email Me

Shobna Radons (CUPW) - Email Me

Tracy Seidel (Aboriginal) - Email Me

Ron St. Pierre (USW) - Email Me

Kim Wilson (COPE) - Email Me

Sandra Wright (Under 1000) - Email Me

Tracy Zambory (SUN) - Email Me

Reps on Council

Janice Bernier (SFUR/CURC) - Email Me

Rhonda Derby (MJDLC) - Email Me

Maryann Federko (YDLC) - Email Me

Kelly Harrington (SDLC) - Email Me

Craig Thebaud (PALC) - Email Me

Darla Leard (CLC) - Email Me

Ken Kubian (RDLC) - Email Me

Colin Lemauviel (NBLC) - Email Me

Wanda Bartlett (WDLC) - Email Me

Sandy Weyland (HDLC) - Email Me

Alex Furlong (CLC) - Email Me

Executive Council Contact Information

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October 6, 2014 - City of Saskatoon Must End Its $1 Million Lock-out Boondoggle

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is calling on the City of Saskatoon to stop wasting taxpayers’ money on anti-worker ads, and instead invest in better transit services.

August 28, 2014 - Labour Day Is An Opportunity to Celebrate All We Have Accomplished

For more than a century, people across the nation, from various backgrounds and traditions, from several generations, and representing a spectrum of occupations and professions, have gathered together on the first Monday in September to celebrate Labour Day.