Executive Council


Larry Hubich - Email Me 


Lori Johb (SEIU) - Email Me 

Recording Secretary

Jennifer Demchuk - Email Me


Johanne Brassard (USFA) - Email Me

Bob Bymoen (SGEU) - Email Me

Barb Cape (SEIU-West) - Email Me

Jan Cibart (Sol. & Pride) - Email Me

Denise Dick (SUN) - Email Me

Tom Graham (CUPE) - Email Me

Glen Green (Under 1000 - IATSE) - Email Me

Paul Guillet (RWDSU) - Email Me

Judy Henley (CUPE) - Email Me

Carolyn Illerbrun (GSU) - Email Me

Nancy Johnson (PSAC) - Email Me

Aaron Laughlin (Const) - Email Me

Curtis Lizee (IBEW) - Email Me

Norm Neault (UFCW) - Email Me

Josh Needham (Unifor) - Email Me

Beryl Nelson (Unifor) - Email me

Kim Nordmarken (SGEU) - Email Me

Janice Platzke (SEIU-West) - Email Me

Adrian Prybylski (Young Workers) - Email Me

Shobna Radons (CUPW) - Email Me

Tracy Seidel (Aboriginal) - Email Me

Ron St. Pierre (USW) - Email Me

Kim Wilson (COPE) - Email Me

Sandra Wright (Under 1000) - Email Me

Tracy Zambory (SUN) - Email Me

Reps on Council

Janice Bernier (SFUR/CURC) - Email Me

Rhonda Derby (MJDLC) - Email Me

Maryann Federko (YDLC) - Email Me

Kelly Harrington (SDLC) - Email Me

Craig Thebaud (PALC) - Email Me

Darla Leard (CLC) - Email Me

Ken Kubian (RDLC) - Email Me

Colin Lemauviel (NBLC) - Email Me

Wanda Bartlett (WDLC) - Email Me

Sandy Weyland (HDLC) - Email Me

Alex Furlong (CLC) - Email Me

Executive Council Contact Information

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October 21, 2014 - Government Should Use New Session to Rebalance Labour Legislation

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is calling on the Saskatchewan Party government to take advantage of the new legislative session to rebalance this province’s labour legislation.

October 6, 2014 - City of Saskatoon Must End Its $1 Million Lock-out Boondoggle

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is calling on the City of Saskatoon to stop wasting taxpayers’ money on anti-worker ads, and instead invest in better transit services.