New Website Takes Action On Provincial Budget

Kent Peterson

SFL President Larry HubichThe Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) has launched a new website to take action on the Sask. Party government’s recent provincial budget. The website – – puts forward four progressive ideas that would a real difference in the lives of Saskatchewan people: end P3s and privatization, invest in public services, raise the minimum wage, and shift to a fair taxation system.


“This year’s provincial budget is full of regressive tax hikes and even more cuts to public services,” said Larry Hubich, president of the SFL, “this budget, following last year’s brutal budget, has people calling for change. We know there is a better way forward and that’s what we are asking people to support through our new SFL: Action Now website,” he added.


Selling public buildings, attacking Crown corporations, and signing 30-year P3 schemes all cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Privatization never pays off; it only lines the pockets of corporations. Public ownership is less risky, less expensive, and it ensures accountability. The Sask. Party government's 2018-2019 budget includes millions of dollars for privatization. For example, one-third of all highways spending in the province is going towards the privatized bypass around Regina.


‚ÄčThe Minister of Central Services, Ken Cheveldayoff, has said he is reviewing all of the government's 660 publicly-owned buildings, and deciding which ones to sell-off. Also, the Sask. Party government still has not fully repealed their Crown corporation privatization law, Bill 40.


“On the new website we are asking people to sign a petition in favour of our progressive proposals. One part of that petition is to stop the sell-offs and put a moratorium on signing any more P3 agreements,” said Hubich.


SFL: Action Now also calls for proper investments in education, healthcare, and other public services, as well as scrapping the Sask. Party government’s unworkable plan to slash $70 million form public sector compensation over two years.


When visitors to the website sign the petition, they are also calling on the Sask. Party government to finally raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.


“Saskatchewan has the worst minimum wage Canada. We are the lowest in the entire country – dead last. It’s an embarrassment; it’s time to give the lowest paid workers in Canada a raise,” said Hubich.


Finally, SFL: Action Now calls for a shift away from regressive flat taxes – like PST hikes – to a fairer system that would see the rich and corporations pay more, giving hard-working Saskatchewan people a break from regressive tax increases.

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