By Tracy Seidel, SFL aboriginal committee chairperson

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) now has an exciting new agreement with the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan (MNS). This agreement has been a long time in the making, and is another positive step towards our efforts of Indigenizing our labour movement.

On September 26,  2014 SFL president Larry Hubich, MNS president Robert Doucette, and the SFL Aboriginal vice-president Tracy Seidel met at the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan office in Saskatoon to sign the Partnership Memorandum of Understanding between the SFL and MNS.

The reason for this agreement is that we are aware that Métis persons are under-represented in the provincial labour force. Our initiatives are specifically designed to encourage Métis workers to participate in and be integrated into the provincial unionized labour force.

We agree to work together to identify possible solutions to issues related to employment by:

The SFL aboriginal committee is very excited by this new agreement and the opportunity to work with the Métis Nation. It is also our hope with this agreement, that other First Nation and Métis groups will see the SFL as a welcoming federation that they will want to form their own partnership agreements with.

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