Every year young people enter the workforce where they expect to gain work experience and earn their own money. Unfortunately, some young workers get more than they expect. In Canada, each year more than 6000 young workers (age 15-24) are injured on the job; that's one in ten young workers. On average, in the last five years three young people have died on the job each year.

Since 1992, the SFL, in co-operation with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety and the Workers Compensation Board, has been delivering Ready for Work (RFW) presentations to Saskatchewan students. The RFW Program consists primarily of a slideshow presentation that educates students and workers about their health and safety rights on the job, including information on common health and safety hazards, workplace violence and harassment, farm safety, and basic safety tips. If you would like more information, to be trained as a facilitator, or to request a presentation for your class, community group, or workplace, please contact Matthew Lensen at (306) 924-8300 or

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