Government must fully implement Committee of Review recommendations




November 10, 2016




The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is calling on the provincial government to fully implement the Workers’ Compensation Act Committee of Review recommendations. The Committee of Review is a legislatively mandated committee that reviews the WCB system every four years, and is comprised of equal representation from employers and employees.


“When a committee like this develops a consensus report of recommendations, we think it is necessary that the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety accept those recommendations and commit to fully implementing them,” said SFL secretary-treasurer and OH&S Committee Chair Lori Johb, “furthermore we know that cost will not be a barrier to implementation since the WCB has ample resources, as evidenced by the fact that it refunded nearly half a billion dollars back to employers in the last two years,” she added.


 The SFL is specifically supportive of the committee’s consensus recommendation that the Workers’ Compensation Board structure and appeals process remain internal with equal representation from both employers and labour.


One recommendation of the committee has already been acted on by the provincial government, and that is the recommendation calling for an enhancement to policy and amendments to legislation addressing psychological injury coverage. The SFL is encouraged by this change.


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