Cuts, privatization, and job losses not the 'transformational change' we need




June 1, 2016




The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) has strong reservations about the Sask. Party’s latest deficit budget, and is wondering where exactly the promised “transformational change” is.


“The Sask. Party is resorting to the same old tired tricks we’ve seen from cash-strapped, ideological governments of the past – cutting public services, privatizing our Crowns and public assets, and eliminating good family-supporting jobs in the process,” said SFL president Larry Hubich, “this ideological budget is a result of expensive privatization schemes such as liquor privatization, short-sighted cuts, and economic mismanagement,” he added.


As a result of the Sask. Party’s poor economic management and slash-and-burn budget, thousands more Saskatchewan workers now face uncertainty in already difficult economic times.


Kids, parents, and workers in the education sector are left wondering if their school division will even exist, never mind the existing concerns about growing class sizes, fewer support staff, and crumbling school infrastructure. Further, after wasting millions on its ill-fated lean program, the Sask. Party has yet another healthcare experiment it wants to try.


“The Sask. Party is always looking for expensive experiments in healthcare. With lean they spent millions to find only a few dollars of ‘efficiencies’ – taxpayers were left holding the bag. Now they have another money-saving scheme,” said Hubich, “we already know the real solution to improving healthcare – invest in a publicly-funded and delivered system emphasizing frontline healthcare staff, and stamp out any signs of costly privatization,” he added.


Finally, this latest deficit budget has Saskatchewan voters wondering if they will have to protect their Crown corporations from the Sask. Party’s privatization agenda.


“Is the government going to manufacture a sell-off or share-offering of SaskTel as a desperate attempt to fill its billion dollar resource revenue hole?” asked Hubich, “because a better way to fill that hole would be to actually collect corporate taxes and close loopholes,” he added.


“Privatizing SaskTel or any other Crown is immensely unpopular, which is why the Sask. Party hid their plans during the election. It’s time to tell the truth: is the Sask. Party planning to sell-off, offer shares, or otherwise privatize SaskTel or any other Crown?”


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The SFL represents over 100,000 working people across the province in 37 affiliated unions.


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