Premier Goes to Big-Money, Cash-for-Access Fundraiser Giving the Gift of Bill 40




April 27, 2017




The Sask. Party government rammed Bill 40 – its latest betrayal to Saskatchewan people – through the Legislature yesterday, just in time for the premier’s big-money, cash-for-access schmoozefest with Sask. Party donors.


“Bill 40 is the Sask. Party government’s Crown corporation privatization law. It’s the piece of legislation that allows the Sask. Party government to chop up and sell-off SaskTel and other Crowns through the backdoor – without asking Saskatchewan voters,” said Larry Hubich, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL), “Bill 40 is a betrayal to Saskatchewan people, and it was passed just in time for the premier’s ritzy fundraiser, where rich businessmen can schmooze with the premier for as much as $5000 a piece,” he added.


The premier’s dinner Sask. Party fundraiser takes place tonight, April 27th, in Saskatoon.


“There is no doubt in my mind that Bill 40 was rammed through the Legislature so the premier could get up in front of his biggest corporate donors and wave our Crowns around like prized possessions at a live auction, where huge corporations can start the bidding to destroy the Crowns that belong to Saskatchewan people,” said Hubich.


There is a protest taking place at the premier’s dinner tonight. The demonstration starts at 5:00PM at Prairieland Park (near the gates at Herman Avenue and Ruth Street).


“I expect there will be a good showing of folks out to show their dissatisfaction with Bill 40 and the disastrous effects it will have on Crown dividends, service across the province, and of course the good jobs Crowns provide for communities around Saskatchewan,” said Hubich, “many people are also very concerned about other Sask. Party decisions – such as attacks on our education system, healthcare upheaval, out-of-control spending on privatization projects, and a long list of other cuts,” he added.


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