New Campaign Tells the Real Story Behind Government Privatization and Cuts




January 25, 2017




Own It!, an initiative to protect Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations and public services from being sold, is a province-wide campaign and organizing effort.


Workers, families, and individuals that rely on Crowns and public services from across the province have been interviewed to get their stories on why selling-off Crowns and public services is a bad idea for all of us.


“Here in Saskatchewan we cherish our Crowns and public services, and residents all over our province rely on them every day. We can’t sit by while the provincial government privatizes them, putting them in the hands of corporations who will put profit first — and service and safety second,” said Larry Hubich, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL).


Privatization is everyone’s problem now, and Own It! encourages Saskatchewan residents to make their voice heard. People can send a letter to their local town/city council and MLA by visiting:


“Selling Crowns and public services will really hit families hard: prices will go up, services will suffer, and jobs will be lost – especially in small towns and rural Saskatchewan,” said Hubich, “that’s why we are involving local leaders in this effort. We hope town and city councils will defend their communities and call on the provincial government to stop its risky privatization schemes,” he added.


This new phase of Own It! follows a successful petition drive in the Fall of 2015 that saw nearly 20,000 signatures being submitted to the Legislature calling on the provincial government to say YES to Crowns and public services. It remains the second-largest petition in Saskatchewan’s history.


Own It! is a community coalition of workers’ groups and supporters of strong Crowns and public services.


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For additional information, contact:


Kent Peterson
Strategic Advisor
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour
1 (306) 570-1855

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