Which Joe Hargrave do we Believe? No Love for STC, the Latest Crown on the Chopping Block




February 14, 2017


Which Joe Hargrave do we believe? No love for STC, the latest crown on the chopping block


Following two contradictory statements on the sale of Crowns and the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC), the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and Saskatchewan people are left wondering which Joe Hargrave to believe.


In a letter dated February 3, 2017 Joe Hargrave, the Minister of Crown Investments Corporation (CIC), stated about Bill 40, “[t]hese changes are not about the privatization of any particular Crown corporation,” later on he wrote that Crowns will continue ensuring that “customers continue to receive a high level of service”.


Then, only ten days later while speaking at a luncheon in Prince Albert, Minister Hargrave pulled a 180 and said he was not opposed to selling off Crown corporations – this time specifically naming STC. “If somebody comes along and offers a bunch of money for [STC], again just like SaskTel, I think that question would have to be answered,” he said, as reported by paNOW.


Minister Hargrave went on to state that a full review of STC has to take place, and that “it’s a big draw on the provincial revenues” despite province-wide bus transportation being a vital service for many rural communities, small towns, and cities.


“This announcement by Minister Hargrave that STC is on the chopping block is certainly a disappointment to all of us that support and rely on Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations,” said Larry Hubich, president of the SFL, “the announcement may also come as a surprise to seniors across the province who rely on STC, as well as bus riders in towns and cities all over Saskatchewan – including Minister Hargrave’s home city of Prince Albert,” he added.


The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, as a partner in the Own It! campaign to protect our Crowns and public services, encourages Minister Hargrave’s constituents to attend a town hall meeting on privatization that is taking place in Prince Albert on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 7:00PM. The event will take place at 107 8th Street East. All are welcome.


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