Sask. Party Government Should Invest in Saskatchewan Workers




April 9, 2018


Sask. Party Government Should Invest in Saskatchewan Workers


The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is calling on Scott Moe and his Sask. Party government to use tomorrow’s budget as an opportunity to invest in Saskatchewan workers. “An economy is only as strong as the workers that power it,” said Larry Hubich, SFL president, “in addition to investing in workers, the Sask. Party government must properly fund the public services that we all rely on,” he added.


To invest in Saskatchewan workers and protect public services, the SFL will be watching for five main points in tomorrow’s budget:


  1. End the Wage Rollback Mandate

It’s time to take the 3.5% rollback mandate off the table, once and for all, and give public sector workers a raise. The Sask. Party government cannot pickpocket its way to prosperity.


  1. Stop Privatization

The government will save millions of dollars by abandoning privatization. Selling public buildings, attacking Crowns, and signing P3 agreements are all costly, risky plans that only benefit private corporations. A good start would be to fully repeal the government’s privatization law – Bill 40.


  1. Increase Funding to Public Services

Public services make up the very fabric of a strong economy. The Sask. Party government must get our healthcare workers a fair collective agreement, increase funding to education and other services, and stop the use of expensive private consultants across the board.


  1. Give Minimum Wage Earners a Raise

Saskatchewan’s minimum wage is dead last – the absolute lowest in Canada. That is unacceptable for province trying to grow its economy, and create jobs. In tomorrow’s budget there needs to be a plan to rapidly phase-in a $15/hour minimum wage.


  1. Shift to Fair Taxation

Hiking consumption taxes, like the PST, negatively impacts low-income families the most. Tomorrow’s budget should shift to ensure corporations and the rich pay their fair share through a progressive income tax system with corporations paying a larger share.


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The SFL represents over 100,000 working people across the province in 37 affiliated unions.


For additional information, contact:


Kent Peterson

SFL Strategic Advisor

m: 1 (306) 570-1855


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