Day of Mourning recognition must come with commitment to keep workers safe




April 27, 2020


Day of Mourning recognition must come with commitment to keep workers safe


Tomorrow, April 28th, is the National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job. It also marks the first time the Government of Saskatchewan will fly flags at half-mast in recognition of workers who died on the job.


“The federation of labour has been lobbying the provincial government to fly flags at half-mast to recognize the Day of Mourning; we are happy they have agreed,” said SFL President Lori Johb.


However, any recognition of the Day of Mourning must come with a commitment to do more.


“Safe workplaces are always a priority for the federation of labour, but it’s even more pressing during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the provincial government talks about re-opening Saskatchewan, we need concrete plans to protect workers,” said Johb, “the provincial government must legislate paid sick days for workers, raise the minimum wage so our frontline heroes can make at least $15 an hour, and make sure all workers have the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they need,” she added. 


Throughout the year the federation of labour has been busy on occupational health and safety. 


“Through our partnership with the Saskatchewan WCB, we run the Ready for Work program which does presentations in high schools across the province. We have also partnered with the WCB to create a website – – aimed at young adults to find accessible information on workplace rights, in several languages,” said Johb, “we worked with many government stakeholders to create a strategy to address the crisis of workplace deaths and injuries in Saskatchewan, and we continue our OH&S advocacy in many other ways,” she added.


Tomorrow morning, the SFL will release a short video message about the Day of Mourning from Lori Johb. The video will be posted on the SFL’s social media channels.


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For more information, contact:


Kent Peterson 

Strategic Advisor

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL)

1 (306) 570-1855



We recognize and pay respects to the following workers, who died as a result of their work in 2019 and were deemed compensable by the Saskatchewan WCB:


Brendan Unger   41

Lorne Bear   74

Thomas (Les) Rogers   70

Francis (Frank) Kunz   89

Kris Hockley   46

Leigh Schroeder   28

Ian Irwin   48

Shirley Barr   85

Clifford Bueckert   56

Ronald Mogg   61

Mark Biglin   38

Lisa Johnson   48

Erick (Leroy) Coates   81

Richard Oak   64

August Zepick   90

John Vanderhulst   63

Morley Coleman   76

Danny Rider   65

Stephen Brown   60

Keith Schentag   61

Murray Broad   77

Braeden Rudolph   19

Lloyd Wedewer   70

Knute Olsen   60

Louis Nault   56

Leslie Hajdu   85

Richard Wills   72

Edward Thibault   74

Douglas Lachambre   67

Louis Antal   79

Reginald Reimche   74

Kevin Milnes   64

Wayne O’Quinn                    

John Mansuy                         

Donald Thibodeau              

William Styranko                 

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