September 29, 2020


This election, Sask. People have the chance to elect a government that will put workers first


As the campaign for the provincial election officially gets underway, Saskatchewan people have a clear choice: re-electing a government that has made cuts to health care, education and public services, sold off crown corporations and made life harder for working people, or choosing a new government that will put workers first, and make investments in the public services we all depend on.


“The last four years have been tough for working people in Saskatchewan,” said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Lori Johb. “The Sask. Party government has made deep cuts to public services that have led to job losses and understaffing in our schools, hospitals, and in long term care. To make matters worse, while the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the important role workers play in every aspect of our economy, the Sask. Party has shut workers out of any plans for economic recovery and continue to ignore the needs of working people.”


Johb said that the SFL’s priority throughout the election campaign will be working to elect MLAs that will put workers first and invest in working people- through things like a $15 an hour minimum wage, paid sick days for all workers, increased funding for public services, and affordable childcare.


“Now is not the time for the austerity and deep cuts that have been promised by the current government. We need to elect leaders who will invest in working people and in public services to boost our economy and create jobs to ensure our province recovers quickly from the impacts of COVID-19. This election, voters will have a choice: To vote for a government promising more cuts, or to choose a new way forward and elect a government that will put workers first.”


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