February 9, 2021

Premier's comments show Sask. Party has no respect for workers

The Premier’s comments while speaking at the Saskatchewan Municipalities convention yesterday shows that the Sask. Party government has no respect for the workers in Saskatchewan who are putting their health and safety at risk on the front lines as cases of COVID-19 in the province continue to grow.

In a speech delivered to convention delegates yesterday, the Premier implied that people who are calling for his government to finally take action on containing COVID-19 are only doing so because they have the ability to work from home.

“The Premier clearly isn’t listening to those on the front lines- the nurses, care aides, and health care workers who are leaving their homes every day to care for those who are sick with the virus,” said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Lori Johb. “They are the ones who are calling for increased public health measures, because they are the ones are dealing first-hand with the Premier’s lack of action that has led to us having some of the highest rates of COVID-19 in the country. It really shows just how little respect the Sask. Party has for workers in this province.”
Johb said that if the Sask. Party were serious about stopping the spread of COVID-19, they would enact stricter restrictions while making sure that those who are unable to work have access to appropriate benefits, along with ensuring paid sick leave for all workers.

“The Premier needs to stop trying to pit one group of workers against another. This isn’t about those who are working from home and those who aren’t- it’s about taking action to make sure all workers are kept safe. Instead of trying to divide us, he should be leading the effort to get the virus under control.”

Johb noted that the Sask. Party has shown continued disrespect towards workers throughout the pandemic. The government has left workers out of their plans for economic recovery, left millions in federal money meant to help workers unspent, and are refusing to pay wage top ups to many essential workers.

“Over the past year, working people have risen to the challenge while dealing with unimaginable circumstances due to COVID-19” Johb said. “It’s past time the Sask. Party start showing them the respect that they deserve.”

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