May 7, 2021



Sask. Party must support opposition bill for paid sick leave


Over one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and in the midst of a third wave of the virus that is spreading across workplaces, the Sask. Party government  must support the NDP Opposition’s bill introduced today to provide paid sick leave for all workers in Saskatchewan.


 “Paid sick leave in Saskatchewan is long overdue, and Saskatchewan’s labour movement is pleased to see this legislation introduced,” said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Lori Johb. Too many workers in Saskatchewan don’t have access to paid sick leave and are faced with no choice but to either go to work sick or put food on the table, and this bill will go a long way towards ensuring safer and healthier workplaces, and help the province battle the third wave of this pandemic.”


The bill, introduced by Saskatoon-University MLA and Associate Critic for Labour Jennifer Bowes, ensures 14 days of paid sick leave for the duration of the COVID-19 state of emergency, and ensures 10 days of permanent, paid sick leave afterward.


“Evidence has shown that COVID-19 is spreading at work, and in fact two-thirds of all current outbreaks in the province are in workplaces,” Johb said. This legislation will not only help prevent future COVID outbreaks, but make all workplaces safer in the long run.


We urge the Sask. Party government to ensure that this legislation is passed quickly before the end of the legislative session. Workers can’t afford to wait any longer. The time for paid sick leave is now.”

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