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Tell Premier Brad Wall to stop targeting public sector workers

The provincial government is trying to blame working people for their deficit. Privatization, contracting out, layoffs, sell-offs, and attacking public sector workers hurts Saskatchewan. Make your voice heard and support the Own It! campaign by sending the following letter to Premier Brad Wall, and feel free to add a few comments of your own.


Premier Brad Wall,

I believe that public sector workers in Saskatchewan should be valued and respected, particularly by their employer – my government. Your recent public remarks (and those of the Minister of Finance) have created uncertainty in my community.

I am asking you to stop targeting public sector workers.

Quit making suggestions that our public sector workers should lose their negotiated benefits and wages. Privatizing services and conducting significant layoffs in the public sector is harmful to me, my family, and my community.

Please stop this attack on working people.


In support of

Saskatchewan's Labour Movement: the folks who brought you the constitutional right to strike!